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As a personal injury attorney, I always loved crafting compelling stories for my clients’ cases for opening and closing arguments. When people connect emotionally, lives change.

As a keynote speaker, I inspire individuals and organizations to connect meaningfully with others—cultivating collaboration, trust, and empathy. My compelling talks provide actionable insights and relatable stories. I aim to create a more authentic world built for real connection and success.

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Unleashing Authenticity:

The power of genuine
human connection

Where do you climb when you’ve reached the top and have stepped on everyone else on your way up? When the fame and wealth you’ve created for yourself leave you feeling hollow and empty? When Judd reached rock bottom (or more like the lonely peak of Mount Success), he realized the guiding stars in his life up until this moment had been wrong. In desperation, he did what he thought he could never do: he asked for help.

The love and connection that flowed out of this moment of vulnerability convinced him that the path toward a meaningful, fulfilling life starts with authenticity. It was time for Judd to shed his power-hungry shark persona, transform into his true self, and begin building a life filled with purpose and genuine connection.

In this 55-minute keynote, Judd Shaw gets vulnerable, inspiring audiences to take a hard look at the masks they hide behind to get by in a disconnected world. This keynote delves into the essence of the Connection CURE and its implications for our personal and professional journeys.

Through real-life stories, scientific insights, and heart-wrenching personal experiences, audiences get to know the real Judd. In the process, audiences uncover the transformative power of genuine human connections and the positive ripple effect they create. Together, we can be authentic and encourage others to do the same to cultivate a more connected, meaningful, and purposeful world.

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Keynote Takeaways

  • Learn the Connection CURE for living authentically wherever you are
  • Uncover the risks of disconnection and the rewards of vulnerability and authenticity
  • Believe it’s never too late to become a better version of yourself, personally and professionally
  • Discover how authentic relationships can lead to increased empathy, compassion, and success in various aspects of life
  • Explore the transformative power of genuine human connections and the positive ripple effect they create

The Ripple Effect of a Culture of Psychological Safety

  • 27% reduction in turnover
  • 74% less stress
  • 76% more engagement
  • 50% more productivity
Judd Shaw Speaking

Speaker Reel

Speaker Reel

“Judd inspires others to live an authentic life by choosing meaningful connection over surface relationships. He draws on his own experiences living a disconnected life to help others thrive by focusing on their deep, personal relationships with themselves and others.”

DR. MICHELLE JOHNSTON, Author of The Seismic Shift in Leadership

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Judd Shaw

Judd Shaw brings two decades of experience in law, including running his successful law firm, Judd Shaw Injury Law, to the human connection space. Motivated for years by uninhibited ambition and a tendency to overachieve, Judd accomplished his professional goals at a young age—but at what cost?

As Judd became more successful, he also became more isolated. Through years of therapy and exploring human connection theory, Judd recentered himself around his values, connected with his vulnerability, and grew into his true self. Today, Judd Shaw is a leading speaker on authenticity and a best-selling author of the children’s book series Sterling the Knight. His mission is to help others tap into their genuine passions, forge lasting relationships, and harness the power of their vulnerability.

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