Connection CURE Framework

TheConnection CURE

A framework for guiding people toward authentic connection—developed through my experiences, therapy, and with the help of professionals. The Connection CURE is a compass to guide you toward authenticity, the foundation of deep connection.

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Conscious Awareness

“C” Conscious Awareness

Begin your journey by building your internal conscious awareness of how authentic you are in your relationships and interactions. Do you hide your feelings? Are you unsure of your values or how you’re living relative to your values? There are many reasons why people disconnect or connect superficially—get honest about how you’re showing up on the inside.


“U” Understand

Once you’ve surveyed how you show up, explore the reasons why. When do you feel unsafe being yourself? What experiences or patterns led you to wear a mask to survive? What do you truly value, and do your actions align? Your answers in this are essential to reconnecting to yourself—get curious about why you’re showing up inauthentically.


“R” Renew

Now that you’ve got perspective, renew authentic connections with yourself and others. Create regular connection habits and practices. Rewrite your operating system with an embedded safety check and clear boundaries. The journey to authenticity relies on creativity, respect, growth, and acceptance —get playful with introducing your true self to the world.


“E” Expand

With newfound confidence, know that you are loved and accepted. (If you falter in that belief, you have a framework to revisit and new authentic connections to turn to.) How can you expand your connections? How can you encourage others to create cycles of authenticity in the world? The ripple effect is real—get expansive about the power of authentic connection.

Authenticity Is Your Superpower — Are You Ready To Wield It?

Authenticity is essential to connection. To be authentic, we must feel safe and have healthy coping mechanisms. I have a framework to guide you—the path to connection begins with conscious awareness.

Science & Theory

  • In 2023, the US Surgeon General

Dr. Vivek Murthy released an advisory on the impact of the epidemic of loneliness and isolation in the US

  • About half of American adults

report experiencing loneliness, with young adults reporting the highest rates

  • Lack of social connection results leads to

29% greater risk of heart disease32% greater risk of stroke50% greater risk of dementia2x the risk of developing depression60% greater risk of premature death

  • The solution to loneliness

is increased connection

your capacity for human connection is relative to the state of your parasympathetic nervous system. The safer you feel, the greater your capacity for trust, engagement, and connectedness, which are the foundation of healthy and authentic relationships

“Judd inspires others to live an authentic life by choosing meaningful connection over surface relationships. He draws on his own experiences living a disconnected life to help others thrive by focusing on their deep, personal relationships with themselves and others.”

Author of The Seismic Shift
in Leadership


Pierce the veil of disconnection and embark on a quest for authenticity with the Connection CURE framework—be the first to know when Judd’s new book is released.

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