Sterling the Knight
Sterling the Knight - Book 1

Book 1Sterling the Knight and Nugget the Dragon

2023 “Creative Child’s Magazine” Book of the Year Winner

In the first book of the Sterling the Knight series, Sterling learns the true meaning of courage.

In a land far away, many fear a dragon named Nugget —including a brave young boy named Sterling. Sterling dreams of becoming a knight, so he sets off to slay the dragon. But when Sterling finds the dragon alone and in pain, his quest presents him with a choice: will he fight, or will he help?

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Sterling the Knight - Book 2

Book 2Sterling the Knight and the Slonefall Tournament

Coming June 2024

In the second book of the Sterling the Knight series, three friends learn that bravery begins in the heart.

As Sterling and his best friend Maxton begin their training at Wiseamor School of Knights and Chivalry, everyone is talking about the renowned Slonefall Tournament. There’s just one problem: only boys can compete! With Maxton and their new friend Jada, Sterling hatches a plan to stand up for what’s right. But will the plan work?

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Sterling the Knight - Book 3

Book 3Sterling the Knight and the Magic Connection

Coming 2025

In the third book of the Sterling the Knight series, Sterling discovers the magic of connection.

It’s Nugget’s birthday! But instead of feeling excited, Nugget feels sad: he has no dragon friends to invite to his party. When Sterling realizes there are some things only another dragon can understand, he, Maxton, Jada, and Pip go on their most important adventure yet. Is Nugget really the only dragon in the kingdom?

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Where bravery meets empathy and adventure intertwines with valuable life lessons. 

Sterling’s stories are more than just thrilling escapades. They form a cohesive narrative that gradually unfolds, inviting young readers to immerse themselves in growth and discovery. 

Through Sterling’s courageous exploits, children learn essential social and emotional skills, such as empathy, fairness, and the importance of connection and belonging. Author Judd Shaw crafts each tale to resonate with its audience’s developmental needs, fostering conversations about body image, equality, and the true essence of strength and character. 

Sterling’s adventures captivate young minds and provide a springboard for meaningful and engaging discussions between parents, guardians, and children, creating opportunities to explore complex topics. 

In libraries, schools, and homes alike, Sterling the Knight ignites imaginations, nurtures hearts, and empowers young readers to embark on their quests for understanding, kindness, and courage.

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There’s more to Sterling the Knight’s universe than meets the page. Jump into Sterling’s world to learn about your favorite characters, Maxton, Nugget, Sterling, Pip, and Jada. Unlock free downloads and resources, including coloring activities, interactive games, and more!

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I highly recommend the Sterling the Knight book series for children’s emotional and social development. These engaging adventures encourage curiosity and self-discovery, emphasizing the significance of authentic connections. As a result, children not only feel safe but feel seen and valued.


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