Hi, I’m Judd.

Full name? Judd Shaw. I’m on a mission to help everyone embrace and present their true selves in order to create AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS with others and THRIVE.

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I believe that

Connection is the Cure

for humanity and we can heal only when we’re real – with ourselves and others.

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Behind the Armor Podcast

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Connection conversations with really cool cats. And some of my own thoughts too.

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Connection for Kids

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My award-winning, illustrated children’s book series, Sterling the Knight helps children foster emotional development.

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Judd’s Connection Cure was a game-changer for me. It guided me from merely surviving to thriving, instilling a sense of self-worth and connection that has empowered every aspect of my life.

Rich Soza

Personal Client

Judd inspires others to live an authentic life by choosing meaningful connection over surface relationships. He draws on his own experiences living a disconnected life to help others thrive by focusing on their deep, personal relationships with themselves and others.

Dr. Michelle Johnston

Author of The Seismic Shift in Leadership

In today’s world, the importance of connection is at an all-time high. Judd is an absolute trailblazer on the power of connection, the lack of connection in today’s world, and how we can work together to nurture it.

Dan Cockerell

Former VP, Magic Kingdom,
Speaker, Author