My Story

I’d like to introduce myself and share a part of my journey with you. My life’s path has been a rollercoaster of experiences, and it’s shaped me into who I am today.

I grew up facing a lot of adversity and trauma, which left me with the belief that I wasn’t good enough. So, what did I do? I spent years tirelessly proving my worth, desperately seeking validation, and yearning to be heard and seen. I became a master at concealing my true feelings, engaging in people-pleasing, and even turning to substance abuse to cope. My coping mechanisms, honed over years of navigating a hyper-vigilant internal system, eventually led me to a successful career as a workaholic attorney. I reached the pinnacle of my field, running my own law firm, and achieving #1 status in my practice area in New Jersey.

But amidst the professional success, chaos reigned in my personal life. The relentless pursuit of success and perfection took a toll on my emotional health, and I faced monumental challenges both personally and professionally. The company barely survived the upheaval of COVID-19, and my marriage didn’t make it.

So, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, diving into the realms of mental health, trauma, inner-child work, and the power of authentic human connection. I read, I listened, I learned. I discovered the immense importance of self-love and emotional regulation, and I found the answer:

Authenticity. Learning to show up as my real self became my compass.

Today, I’m on the other side of that transformation. I’ve learned to cherish authentic human connections and feel heard, seen, and valued. I’ve experienced the joy that comes from connecting with others and bringing awareness to the critical message of connection versus disconnection.

The Connection Cure

My framework for guiding people toward authentic connections is The Connection Cure — one I’ve developed through my own experiences, therapy, and with the help of professionals.

The Connection Cure is a great “compass” to help us live more authentically and connect us more deeply with others.

CConscious Awareness.

It begins with an internal conscious awareness that we are wired for connection. When we don’t live authentically (and there are many reasons why we don’t!) we keep ourselves disconnected or at best, superficially connected to ourselves and others.


Where are we afraid to be our true selves? Why is that the case? What life experiences have conditioned us to wear the masks we wear? In what ways do we try to band-aid the problems? Understanding our individual, unique answers to these questions will help us work through and begin reconnecting with who we really are.


Now that you’re uncovering and reconnecting with your authentic self you can begin reintroducing your true self in safe ways, to the world. What authentic connections can you renew? What new boundaries might you need to put in place to protect and respect your authentic self?


As we gain more confidence that we are loved and accepted as our authentic selves, how can we deepen and expand our connections? How can we encourage others to do the same?

I truly believe this framework is a cure for our world.

When we learn to love, accept, and bring our authentic selves to the world, our connections with others are so much stronger and more meaningful. Loneliness dissipates. Think of all the ways the world could change… I hope you’ll join me in the journey.

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